Here’s an update. 

I post the things I post because I’m trying to be a happy or positive distraction, not to pretend that I don’t realize that things are so fucked up that another rich white kid is getting away with rape or that people are voting for a lunatic carnival barker because unlike most politicians he actually makes some kind of sense to them, but because I also need to believe that there is actually something worthwhile in the world.
I know that life is fragile and precious and everything can be taken away at any moment. But if I can find the smallest glimmer of hope or happiness in a new Archie Comic or a picture of a sunset or a three year old picture of my cat or a drawing of a friend in Canada who is always very nice to me or a video game where Kirby is in a robot suit or an anecdote about something one of my writing kids said..
then there’s one more reason why I should get up today, or tomorrow, or the next day, or next week. And maybe one of those days will be the day I meet the person, or find the thing, or see the show, or read the book that will launch me into the next part of my life.
I make no apologies for committing the writers sin of referring to “things” as things. I’ll do it again, and you can’t stop me.


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