My Mistake.

I don’t normally have regrets with big decisions I’ve made. A recent mantra I’ve followed is, don’t confuse curiosity with regret. In this instance, I do regret my decision. The job in question, working at the airport bookstore, has always been a secret dream job of mine. It seemed like it would be a fun opportunity to meet new people in a different environment. Things lined up and the job seemed to fall in line pretty fast. The pay seemed right and it seemed like an excellent opportunity to get ahead on things.

Unfortunately, two months later all I have to show is exhaustion, the death of my dog, having to give up my other dog, a best friend that won’t speak to me and about $3000 more debt than I started with. I don’t know if I’ve felt lower than I have in..well, since the last time I hit a low point. The only silver lining to how I’m feeling is knowing that I could and have felt a lot worse.

As of today I’ve left my job.  After only two months, which to me, is basically like no time at all. In terms of jobs, I’ve only ever quit one job prior to this. My two other jobs, as toxic to my life as they were, I was never able to quit and, ultimately was fired from both.

The only job I quit prior to this, was also a bookstore job, well a comic book store job, which was really hard to leave, because It was an enjoyable job, just not the best paying. And at the time, I needed to find a job that paid more to help take care of my mom. To this day I think my co-worker thinks I left over personal reasons with him, which couldn’t be further from the truth.

Anyway, I’m not sure what the plan for me is going forward, but hopefully a I’ll have something more positive to post about in the very near future.


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