This is the only thing I’m going to say, my advice to everyone, the most important thing I’ve learned during the last two years is this: forgive.
Forgive the people in your life, forgive the people who aren’t in your life, whether they passed on, or just left. But most importantly, forgive yourself. Let go of the mistakes and the things you wish you didn’t say, and the things you never got to say. Believe me, I spent a year watching everything I love die in front of my eyes, all the while worrying if I did the right things or said enough, or tried enough, and not forgiving the people in my life, or letting them help, not realizing they felt the same way I did… and all that did was keep me from living and prevented me from having the people who matter in my life.
Know that the people you lost loved you too, despite all of the silly things you’re worried you never got to tell them. Love the people you have in your life and let them love you. Life is precious and fragile, and it’s also beautiful, but only if you allow yourself to see that too.


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