Twitter Me This. (Wait.. Is this a Batman Forever reference? Did I even like that movie?)

I’d love to have more of these. Blogging is made up of two of my favorite things, writing and talking about myself. That’s a joke, but also not really, because it’s kind of true. I don’t mean just talking about myself, but also talking about the things I love and want to share. Or however this is supposed to work. 

That being said, keeping up with a writing schedule is incredibly hard when life and everything insists on getting in the way. I feel like I’ve gotten to a point where I’m comfortably producing art on a daily basis (even with self doubt brought on by shitty anonymous questions), but writing, that’s.. Well, writing requires thinking, and word placement and sentence construction and things like coherency..

Art requires me to have a form of drawing utensil and a surface, the rest is just connecting lines until they form a coherent.. 


Ok, so they’re basically the same, at least in this lazy comparison.

Long form writing is different, sometimes Twitter is easier for me because it’s better suited for my rabid fire stream of conscious nonsense, and my sense of humor at the moment or random rant or whatever it happens to be. And with Twitter, it doesn’t matter if every joke lands or if every thought makes sense, just that some of them do. 

Often times I’ll think a stream of tweets is worth collecting and presenting, so I’ll re-purpose them into a blog post or something like that. The problem is, because of the nature of Twitter that leads to a somewhat fractured or clunky narrative. I always have the intention of expanding or rounding out the post, but like I said, I’m also incredibly lazy, so I’ll cut and paste and leave it as good enough. But again, this requires that I actually write, even just in Twitter form. 

Recently I’ve noticed a slight backing off from Twitter. I’m not sure why that is, or what’s causing it. A part of me feels that I’m much happier in my work and social life than I have been in years, and I’m talking to more people on a daily basis. And I’m more comfortable being myself and saying the random things I’d shy away from. 

Part of that also comes from the fact that I’m more comfortable with myself. Or at least I’m getting to that point. I’m still not back to a weight I’m happy or comfortable with, but I’m wayyyyyyyy below where I was 2 years or even a year ago. And, yeah, I still have shitty vampire teeth, but I’ll deal. 
But enough about real life, let’s get back to Twitter. I haven’t abandoned Twitter, and never plan to. They’ll have to take it away from me. Over the last 8 years I’ve cultivated and built up an impressive group of personalities and friends and people I genuinely love and care about. Both people who have transitioned to real life and the ones who remain online only. And even the few that came and went, I’m grateful for all of their support and jokes and rants and..

I’m rambling now, and I’m long beyond my original intention for this post, which was “why don’t you talk about Disney anymore,” and I guess will show up as another post (or it won’t, no promises). 

Here’s my Spider-Gwen sketches (which I LOVED drawing, that costume design is incredible!):



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