Yes. I’m already behind. It’s not like I didn’t call it in advance. In fact, I shouldn’t be. I planned ahead, I have posts banked and practically ready to go, I mean, some are a bit out of date, like my review of the new Myspace (not actually a thing), and one is a very rant filled rant rant about some things in my life.

And.. actually I don’t know where a couple of my posts went.. because saving a post to draft via the ‘new’ WordPress doesn’t always or ever work. All-New WordPress is not All-New X-Men, if you’re wondering. That was me trying to force a joke/reference to All-New X-Men because no one is old enough to understand my references to New Coke.

Right, so, here’s my plan, I want to catch up on posts, but I don’t want to blow up your feeds. SO, I’m going to stagger them. I have more I want to have posted by tonight, because it’s relevant to today, January 9th (In case I don’t hit this goal, and considering the time.. I doubt I’ll make that goal. but still.)

I don’t think I’ll hit my 300 word limit. But, that’s far from the most disappointing thing I hope to achieve here.

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