Process writing.

Things haven’t been the best for my family over the past few years, so any continued thoughts, prayers and anything would be appreciated.

That being said, I wanted today to be, kind of an extension of yesterday’s post. Writing about writing. Or rather how I create writing. Which sounds incredibly insane. But there it is.

Yesterday’s post was one of the several ways I start writing, which is to just start writing. In this case I wanted to write something about a guy who is unable to read his own watch, because it seemed funny to me, and the scene started to fill in around it. I knew it had to somehow involve a relationship of some kind, because I enjoy that kind of writing. So from there I started filling in the scene. I don’t really know much about the characters themselves, but I often find out who they are or what they really want after I’ve written a few scenes. These initial scenes might not make it into the final piece, but certain elements might, certain lines of dialogue, and so on. OR, the lines might end up just helping inform the characters.

As, I’ve shown in other posts I often write out notes, mini sketches of the characters and any extra notes or character things. I’ve also started my Dan Harmon story circle, which I realized is thematically similar to the watch, but now I’m just restating things that are visible:

2015-01-05 22.19.02

The reason the characters to not have names yet is because I hadn’t talked to Sorcha (who, to my new followers, is my best friend) yet and she names all my characters. Every now and then I’ll ask her and she’ll sigh and rattle off a few names. Every now and then, she’ll call me up or mid conversation stop and say, something like, “have a told you this name, yet?” and I’ll add it to the list. I’ll go over the list and see if any names jump out to me, or what names fit with which character or whatever. If the names don’t feel right, they don’t stick and they go back on the list. And the process continues.

It doesn’t always work like that, however. Some stories take months to start, or come from bits of other stories. Or an idea for a story comes while doing free writing.

Lately stories come from my friends or meeting people. I try very hard to make my dialogue sound real and authentic, and steal liberally from the things my friends say around me. Recently I’ve begun writing stories around the personalities of people I meet, either real life or Twitter, or whatever. A character in a play I wrote last year was based entirely around a friend of mine, it wasn’t so much her personality as it was the looks she had. Last semester I wrote a story entirely around another friend, and this time was entirely around her personality.  I have another story in the pre-pre-pre stages based on another friend, I’m back and forth on this story, as I’ve yet to crack it, so to speak.

The oddest part about this post is that, well, I don’t have anything new to add to the short story I started yesterday. I don’t know if it will continue. It might, in a week, a month, a year, tomorrow, sometime, I really don’t know at this time.


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