The Third One

I didn’t plan out any posts beyond the initial two. Technically I didn’t plan any out beyond the first one, my 2014 retrospective or whatever it was was always planned to go up in 2014, and it was going to be multiple parts and complex and other fancy sounding words. Then I got the idea in my head that a “flashback friday” to two days ago sounded funny and clever. I’m probably wrong on that, but I’m sticking with it.

As it stands, my first two posts are… well, they’re pretty awful, and I’m off to a great start in that both were technically posted AFTER midnight, mountain standard time. Ok, not technically, they were definitely posted after midnight (technically still on the correct day, globally speaking).

My first two daily drawings are MIA, I’m sure they’ll show up somewhere eventually, today, tomorrow, February, something like that.

All that being said, this post has the unique distinction of being the first post-a-day-post published on time, and without a prior plan or prompt. And if you enjoy writing in circles, you’re in for a treat, because, well, finishing this sentence would basically restate that point.

So, what have we learned from all this? Well, I wish I liked more stuff, because my stuff I like post came off as lacking, but that’s a good follow through for the new year. I mean, liking more things is a pretty good goal, yeah?

So far, 2015 is not at all different than 2014, and is continuing the longest stretch of time where I have not had real employment since I was 16, which has gone beyond the realm of casual and is spreading quickly to terrifying and internal screaming. This week is set to be filled with interviews and more meetings that will hopefully not come off as giant wastes of time, unfortunately,  I won’t know until after.

I’ve started compiling all of the awkward and terrible first dates I’ve had over the last couple years and am thinking about trying to make it into a 10-minute play (different from my musical idea –or is it?– no, it is), but as of right now, I don’t have a coherent through line, it’s just a series of scenes, which might actually work as a series of plays under a larger umbrella or something. Here’s the part where I work out random thoughts in my head and try to pass them off as coherent prose, or as my Twitter friends call it, my Twitter feed.

On that note, I passed 400 words, which falls within my 300-500 minimum word goal for these things. The featured image is not new art, eventually, when I get my art and blog stuff in line with each other, I’ll post the art with the blogs.


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