“So this is the new year and I don’t feel any different.” – Death Cab For Cutie, Transatlanticism

I tried a million different ways to start without using the Death Cab lyrics. Ok, so I tried one different way. Actually I’ve known all along that I was going to to start with this. Basically I didn’t try at all. The only other New Years pop culture reference I can think of is Happy New Year, Charlie Brown, which if you recall is the story of Charlie Brown missing the New Years party (of which the Little-Red-Haired-Girl is in attendance), because he has to read War and Peace over the holiday break. There’s also scenes where we discover Rerun, who is Linus and Lucy’s younger brother, has the mutant ability to blow up square balloons. But back to Charlie Brown’s dilemma. The Peanuts are depicted as children, Charlie Brown is around four years old during the earliest strips in the 1950s, given the rubber banding timeline of the Peanuts universe, by 1986, Charlie Brown would be around, what, nine? What kind of school is he attending?!

So, here we are, 2015. In terms of an actual difference in the new year, I’m already disappointed that most of the futuristic innovations promised to my seven year old self by Back to the Future Part 2, have yet to come to fruition. I mean, those dehydrated pizzas seem pretty simple. Hey, remember when Pizza Hut had Back to the Future, Part 2 ‘future’ sunglasses?


During the month of December I challenged myself to do something called “drawcember“where I would post a new drawing every day for the entire month. Halfway through the month I decided that I would continue the thread and post a new drawing every day in the new year. I decided to push myself further and added a daily blog entry to my self challenge. Easier said than done? Yeah, but that’s also the whole point of this. Will I get one of these done every day? Yes. Will they be on time? No, this one is already late. SO, yeah.

I don’t know what to expect in 2015. I started 2014 with, unofficial as it was the service for my mom. Over the course of the year I lost both of my paternal grandparents and both of my beloved cats. I don’t know how different things would have been had I not lost my mom at the end of last year.

I don’t plan on making this a year of somber or depressing entries. From time to time things will pop up, I’m sure, but I plan on just letting these things come out as they do.

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