I’m thinking of doing a thing.

So I feel like I’m doing fairly well keeping up with my “drawcember” initiative. Yes, I’ve missed a couple days, but I caught up, I mean, it’s a day, calm down. I feel like my art is improving and the drawings themselves are varied.

I’m thinking of keeping it going.

The New Years is coming up. You know, in nine days, that day that really means nothing aside from the fact that, it’s a different rotation of the earth and the sun or however space works. Don’t ask me, I’m not Star Trek.


So, on this New Years is coming, and after we spend our night pretending we are wealthy (for just this once), and that next day (where we don’t feel any different), that begins the next year in our irrelevant desire to keep track of our lives with our new cat calendars and resolving that this is the year where we are finally going to go to the gym every day at least until mid January.

I think I lost the point I was making.

I’m going to keep doing this. The Drawcember thing, but not in December. Every day. All of the days. Do I expect that I’ll be able to keep a daily schedule?

God no, that’s insane.

Charles Schultz did, but he was MONTHS ahead – so much so that when he went in for surgery, he never missed a day. However, building up a library of drawings goes against one of my self rules for Drawcember. I could easily have an artistically manic day where I come up with a months worth of drawings in one sitting, but the challenge of the daily art is to make myself do it daily. And yes I understand the contradiction that I’m ok with drawing more than one in a day to catch up, but not to get ahead.

Jim Davis? He has like 12 artists, so he’ll never miss a day. And I don’t have a team of artists willing to work with me. Unless you count all the wonderful artists who have befriended me on Tumblr and Twitter.

I’m aspiring to follow the Watterson schedule. I don’t think people remember how much of a ‘schedule’ Calvin & Hobbes was on, especially in his last few years after his long sabbatical, but there were frequent gaps between new strips. Yes he was producing brilliant work, and he was taking his time to do so. And yes, I’m CLEARLY comparing myself to these fantastic artists. Obviously.  I’m not even drawing humor strips. I’m just posting sketches. And no, I’m not planning on a strip. Will comic strip type things happen? Possibly. And that ties in to the other thing.

Right. So that’s not all. I want to do two things. And I’m directly stealing this idea from my childhood buddy, Amanda. I want to write one of these things every day. Yeah. I SUCK at writing these things. But forcing myself into a writing schedule might have the same effect as drawing every day. They’re not all going to be blog type entries. Some might be poems, some might be thoughts about stories I want to write or the actual stories I want to write. It might be sections of dialogue from plays i’m writing, or even my grand musical idea, which I almost wrote a blog thing about, but I found it so much easier to just copy and past from Facebook and Instagram, because lazy:

Screenshot 2014-12-22 18.48.57  and  http://instagram.com/p/w2dMLqJEI8/

Or It might be 365 entries about how much I love 1989. Which is a lot. A LOT. (pounds fist on the table)

Here’s the difference with the writing a day vs art a day: I might allow myself to stock up on writings, or expand on writings I’ve done done, as long as I’ve done significant writing work on the actual day. I dunno. I’m still working out the dets, because I’m far too cool to use the word details, and also, I just decided to write a lot of things, so I’m going to need to take as many easy shortcuts as I can.

Hey, help me come up with clever tags for my art a day and write a day posts, because art-a-day and write-a-day sound not that creative. At all. On that note, with this entry I’m introducing my new blog title, suggested by my friend Ryan.

Alright, that’s enough, and now I still have to do today’s Drawcember entry. Bye.


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