Despite the title, this isn’t going to start out as such. It can’t.

If someone were to tell me that in less than a year, they lost their mom, two grandparents and their cat (or even two of those things), I would probably have difficulty believing them, or at the very least, have difficulty understanding how they’re able to still be a function individual in society. I’m not saying that I’m in anyway better or even that I’m a functioning member of society. There are certain days, especially over the last few weeks where, I’m surprised I’m as functioning as I am, because It’s really hard to be. Some days it’s overwhelming to be…anything. It’s very easy to drag myself down into the perpetual sea of self doubt and unrelenting sorrow.

I can’t guarantee I won’t ever submit to the sorrow, willingly or unwillingly (side note, Submit to the Sorrow is a band name I just trademarked, genre pending), but, maybe if I make a conscious effort to not focus on things, or as my multiple social network friend Meg (who I absolutely adore, I’m inspired by her ability to always remain positive and happy, despite her own personal) suggested (initiated?), why don’t I think about the things that make me smile instead?

So, two passive clunky paragraphs later, here’s a list of things in my life that do make me smile, positive things, things that aren’t ‘important’, things that are only important to me, things that are actually important. and on and on:

I received my degree this week. I’m a college graduate. For real.

I have support system ever. My family, including my sister, my dad, my cousins, aunts, uncle, grandparents, nephews and all axillary members as well.

I have the best friends, and I don’t just mean by best friend, who is THE best friend, but I mean best friends, all of them, from everywhere. Thanks to social media I’ve been able to cultivate this incredibly diverse, unique wonderful friend circle. And as much as I do and don’t like to play favorites, I’d like to point out a few people who have been especially wonderful:

The above mentioned Meg for her inspiring positivity. 

My absolute favorite favorite person on the internet, Zoe, thank you so much for every single wonderful supportive message about everything for the entire time we’ve been friends. 

Alexa, my favorite Tumblr poet.

Toby, my long surviving social network friend (Six years?)

Laura, my favorite artist. 

Elizabeth, always Elizabeth.


Now, on to more superficial things:

Minor Twitter victories, like ‘real’ Abed following me or Simpsons’ writer Bill Oakley favoriting my tweet. Or Gerry Duggan sending me Marvel Codes because I told him the Alex Ross Hulk cover (it was a really rad cover, man). 

Someone told me it was rad that my best friend looks like Taylor Swift. (I mean? she does…?)

My art is seen on ABC Family EVERY SINGLE WEEK.

I’ve had poems, art, photography and creative writing published, including a sex poem and a creative fiction piece about my mom. (she loved both)

I’ve watched live performances of things i’ve written.  

There’s a new Disney movie coming in two months. A new Frozen short is coming. I was in the Walt Disney Animation Building a few months ago. 

Community season six is coming. Dan Harmon inited me out for a drink. 

The Veronicas have a new album coming. The Veronica’s told me they were excited about my drawing of them. (Ok, THAT one I messed up by not doing it yet). 

Taylor Swift has a new album coming. 

Lights has a new album coming and is COMING HERE IN NOVEMBER.

My cousin is in Australia (like the Veronicas!)

John Stamos and Ilsa Fisher almost ran me over in a golf cart! 

Louie is still a show. 

Three of the best comic book films ever, came out this summer, and the best one had a talking Tree and Raccoon. 

Kevin Smith made a horror movie about walruses. 

Kevin Smith made a movie where two 15 year old Canadian girls save the day. 

A new Avengers movie is coming. 

A new Pixar movie is coming.


Fall is here, so that means women in mini skirts, rad patterned tights and boots. 

Halloween is coming and that means Elsa and Anna costumes.

New iPhone update (new phone, I suppose.)

New iOS update means new Paper/Pencil for iPad update which means new arrrtt from me.

That was fun. 


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