Here’s an update, or something, I guess.


Where do I start? 

Do I start with how things are with my mom?  Do I talk about how amazing my best friend is?


Have I mentioned that I seem to only listen to Weezer on repeat lately? 

Yes. Let’s start there.

And I mean, like on repeat.  During the course of my to and from trips to Grand Junction (see, if you’re savvy with my life I’m actually going to be talking about everything!), I listened to all of Weezer, like all 8 albums.  So yes haters, that would include the albums produced after 1996.  I find the whole experience.. interesting.  Their album journey starts with a very sad angry young adult and ends in a much happier place.  

Currently I seem to keep going back and forth between Pinkerton (album #2, 1996) and Red (album #6, 2008), which are the two eclectic and.. interesting albums of their catalog. Generally, I find myself at older albums of Blue (#1, 1994) or Green (#3, 2001, Green might just be in my top five favorite albums, ever.) or the newer albums Raditude (#7, 2009) or Hurley (#8, 2010). I feel I should also state about my feelings towards Maladroit (#4, 2002) being this heavy metal riff pop and Make Believe (#5, 2005), their most over produced saccharine poppy pop (and also their best selling album and worst reviewed album) and yet I love them both. So much. 

I lost where I was going..

I keep going back and forth between ‘Lost at Sea’ from Pinkerton and ‘Miss Sweeny’ from Red.  Both love songs about longing, not unusual for Weezer, and certainly not unusual for me.  I mention all this because, well there’s an obvious influence of Weezer on my writing.  

Often times I’ll overlook music when it comes to naming off my writing influences. I’ll go for the obvious influences, Aaron Sorkin or Amy Sherman, for dialogue, Tony Kushner, recently, authors like Rowling, Douglas Adams. Charles Schultz. Disney story artists. Comic writers like Mark Waid or Brian Michael Bendis or Christopher Priest (one day I’ll do a whole long blog post about how influential Christopher Priest is to my writing.  Any time I attempt to write in a ‘cluttered with intent to weave everything together’ style, I’m doing my best Priest impression) or Sean McKeever.

Sean Mckeever, writer of ‘Spider-Man Loves Mary Jane,’ my all time favorite comic ever, was here, in Denver, for a signing, at my old job this past Saturday.  I found out, on Saturday, too late to reschedule my job.  So.  When I write young romance, stuff like that, I always try to go for ‘SMLMJ’ in terms of tone.  I feel like Weezer’s ‘If You’re Wondering If I Want You To,’ has the same happy vibe (see, it’s all coming back around), I think I’ve mentioned it before, somewhere.  The song, unlike most Weezer, isn’t a unrequited longing, but happy optimism, which I equate to the feel of their recent albums.

Other musical influences on my work include, most obviously, Barenaked Ladies, both pre and post Steven Page exit, for their ability to inject depressing situations with humor (which might be my most obvious swipe), as well as Sheryl Crow (who just released a Country album, and I’m… hmm.. about.), Ben Gibbard and Elvis Costello (who, just released an album with The Roots, that I’ll probably be getting in the next few seconds).  Oh, and Taylor Swift, because, I like them longing love songs, yo. I mean, duh.

And So on and on. I mean, I could fill this with numerous long and rambley blogs about various important artists and so have you. And mayyyyyyybe I will. After I get around to my blog posts about 53 Disney Animated Features. I mean. One day, I’m sure. 


So, there you have it.  If you read this, I tricked you into thinking you were reading a blog about sad things in my life but Instead I rambled on about Weezer and other things.  

But really what you just read was a writing exercise to prepare me for what I really need to write.





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