Maybe I Should Write Something Update, Because I Mean, I Never, Ever, Update?


Well, I’d say that was a considerably longer gap than I expected between updates..

A consistent source of writing, with steady and frequent updating is healthy and encourages me to write more of my creative pursuits and less of my, “I’m writing in deadline crunch and here’s some stuff,” well.. it works like that in theory.

I don’t exactly know what that means, and I spent a long time trying to make that sentence coherent (which probably means it’s not at all, because I’m that good of a writer.)

I have stuff that’s going to go here in the coming weeks. Stuff is my favorite word, because stuff can mean anything writing, art, or just random screen shots of hilarious text message exchanges. Hilarious to me anyway.


I wrote a couple things, they might show up. I wrote them for assignments, which means I didn’t proofread them at all (I’m a horrible, horrible person), so once I edit them I’ll probably put one or two or more of them up.

I don’t really know who reads this. I mean, besides my sister and Amanda (which could be one of three Amandas!), but I think a consistent accountable writing thing (thing, it’s like stuff in which it’s a meaningless word that has so many meanings) can be really really really helpful. It gives me something to point at to say, hey look, here’s things I wrote. Go read it, if you want.

I get notifications every so often about my Mike Wieringo (my absolute favorite artist of all time) appreciation, four years later, and it’s my highest read blog (it’s also the only blog entry with images and tracking words, proving that if I actually put some effort into one of these, I might get some more eyes. BUT THAT’S SO MUCH WORK YOU GUYS, I’m not down with that!), one day I might go and edit it up and make it not look like a drunken ramble (it so is) and try to get some comic art blog to link it or publish it or something.

Did I say anything worthwhile here? I don’t know, I don’t care. Well, I care a little, but you know. Anyway. I mean, you had to read this, not me.

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