I’m not supposed to be writing this. I shouldn’t be. Especially not now. I have more important things demanding my attention currently. But, here we are.

Now, why are we here? That, is an excellent question. We are here because we are here. Although, it’s not really a we, because, really it’s just me.

So, why then, why this, why now? Because, I need to. I need this.. this, distraction, this procrastination, this avoidance, this.. this.

What is this? It’s not as simple as an examination of the word this, I feel like that would take forever. More as this as a blog, this blog.

I don’t really have a mission statement for my blog. I don’t really have a specific voice, it’s MY VOICE, certainly, but not a specific… feel to the blog..

I really don’t want a specific direction, I’m much happier with splintered paths of random, randomness, much like most everything else I do.

I think I lost the point of where I was going, I think it was to explain the existence of this blog entry. I’ve decided I’d like to try and stop using the word this.

Exciting things are on the way, it seems! I may not have a part in my own literary magazine anymore, but I have three submissions to send to various places.

The submissions mentioned, demanding much needed revision attention have nothing to do with the the existence of this particular entry. Clearly.

I have three pieces of art currently set to be on the set of the pilot episode of the forthcoming NBC Sitcom, 1600 Penn, something I still can’t wrap my head around.

I’ve started work on creating a backlog of strips for my eventually forthcoming webcomic, my goal is to have at least three extras at all times.

Three seems to be a repeating theme today. I’ve tried to structure each paragraph to be around three lines. Or course it’s only noticeable on an iPhone.

I’ve gotten this far into a stream of consciousness of nonsense (rhythmical) but I feel like I’ve done nothing to unblock the block, so to speak.

Therefore, I need to continue on with my avoiding avoidance plan in hopes of conjuring up some kind of unavoidable unblocking….


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