The Writing Pact.

I started this, I don’t know, over two weeks ago, the day before the Barenaked Ladies concert, if you’re someone who keeps track of time by significant events, if you would define such things as significant events. Actually, that would make it two weeks ago, today (or as Kevin would say, “The day before the Barenaked Ladies concert until the day Brave came out”). I lost track of time somewhat, in the interim, and, I suppose I’ll get back to my point, but first, here’s what you should have seen, two weeks ago:

So, I made a writing pact, with one of my best friends, to write every day. And… I’m already 2 days behind on it. Or maybe I’m ahead, if we compare to my usual ability to stay on deadline (especially with THIS blog.. oy…). I’m doing better than my self-made pact to draw everyday.

Well, no, that’s not exactly true, I am drawing everyday, I’m just not posting a drawing on the internet everyday.



Right? So, anyway, here’s my first day of writing. And, yes, my blog is absolutely filled, and overwhelmingly so, with promise after promise of regular updating. So, what makes this different?

Well, here’s my cheat: much like my self-made drawing pact, I don’t HAVE to post what I’ve written everyday. I plan on as often as I feel like it, or as often as I feel like I don’t suck (well…), whatever that means. So.. You might just get this. Or you might not. That’s ultimately, up to me to decide.

Let’s begin (uhm), so, what’s going on Kev? Well, actually, quite a lot, and yet, not a lot, all at the same time. That’s not an answer at all.

To make things more surreal (meta?), I’m going to attach a picture I took of that moment:


(Side note: The Comic Book History Of Comics? Worth it. Read it. Good.)


I got a little distracted after this point. Distracted by what? First, Barenaked Ladies concert, which was awesome, and probably my second favorite BNL concert. But that’s not really it. Later, I received a jury duty notification, well, actually earlier, but I went IN for my jury duty. Jury duty lasted eight whole days, eight significantly important days. Significant why? Well, I’m not actually going to talk about it now. Or ever. I don’t know yet. And I’m certainly not until I’ve worked my way down my list of people I said I would tell first (if you’re not aware that there is a list, you’re probably not on it). And, part of why I stopped writing, or why I didn’t do any writing, was because I didn’t want to write about it, because it’s the kind of thing that sometimes will just come out, because, that’s the kind of thing it was. Even now, I feel it, trying to get out in the words, trying to find a place on the page to fit..

During the course of the trial I did things to distract myself, late night volleyball, specifically talking to certain people while specifically avoiding others, and mostly working non-stop. Just so I didn’t have to spend time thinking about.. well whatever it was.

Now it’s over, I don’t really know what to say.. There’s an emptiness, a void, and I’m not really sure if it’s from the loss of the event, or just the event itself. Either way, there it is, or rather, there it is not.


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