Thirty Minutes or Less

The title of this post has nothing to do with the Jesse Eisenberg/Azis Ansari film, unfortunately (or fortunately), but rather a challenge presented to me by the kid sister of my friend from Chicago, who was probably 7 years old the last time I saw her, and is now an adult who I reconnected with via Twitter.

The challenge presented to me, was to write a 30 minute blog. Whatever I want. 30 minutes. Writing, revising editing, everything, done in 30 minutes. And I know what you’re thinking, you edit these things, Kev? Who in their right mind would ever let you edit anything (looks at the camera)?

The challenge presented with this, is, I’m locked into that time limit, whatever I get out of it, goes up. That’s the game. That doesn’t mean If I come up with an idea, I can’t go and use it elsewhere or anything, but for the purposes of this, the rambling, whatever goes up and out for all to see. My tentative goal is one a day. Can I guarantee that? Hell no. I can’t follow I schedule, everyone knows that.

But I’m going to try and keep them semi regular. as much as I can.

I’ve already thought about a similar experiment for the series of blog posts/essays I want to do the most, my post about every one of the 51 (now 53!) Walt Disney Animation Studio features. I’ve stalled so long on that particular project, because I need,

A. The time to watch those bastards


B. I want I template so I can just plug information in, not in a lazy way, but a way to get through the 1940’s ‘Potpourri’ films without stabbing myself in the eyes with my indigo-blue col erase (animator joke), but a way that lends itself to a good chunk of praise on Mary Blair’s incredible train sequence from The Three Caballeros and so on.


C. I want it to be my final say on these films, because, frankly, I’m tired of talking about the damn things. And I’m sure some people are tired of hearing about them from me. So, I can have an archive so to speak, that isn’t my fractured mind, for people to mull through and argue over. And because it’s the Internet, tell me how wrong I am about everything.

I think I got off subject a little bit. The restrictions to the writing, help, in theory to make for a more focused piece. And give me a little bit of deadline buzz I lack in my personal projects.

It’s similar to a discussion I had about Twitter, about how, trying to make something fit in that small box, sometimes makes for better writing, because I need to make sure I use my words and my space accordingly. Same kind of thought process as the time limit.

At this point I notice that I’m still nine minutes away from my deadline, and I pretty much got all the points out I wanted to make. It does help that I cheated a little and pre-thought about what I was going to write, but I figure since this is the set up piece, I needed SOME direction before heading in.

SO because of that, I plan on posting ANOTHER 30 Minute post tonight, to make up for the apparent ruse I pulled on everyone. Except this one will have a new and  different rule set. Which will be revealed at the time of writing.

I need a catchy tag or name or something, to differentiate between “regular” blog posts.. Maybe I’ll have a contest or something.


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