“Wait, you have a blog?”

An overstatement perhaps, but, yes, a statement on the state of semi-abandoned WordPress.

Those words, spoken to me roughly a couple weeks ago, by someone I talk to, well, practically almost daily. Someone who, I should point out, I know because of the Internet. This, of course, a further telling sign about the sad state of my (probably) more than semi-abandoned blog.

It’s probably safe to assume that the above quote was also (intentionally, accidentally?) paraphrased, due to me not quite remembering exactly how the phrasing came about and also, to make it work along the context! (I mean, duh! Artistic license and all…)

So, now we’ve gotten that out of the way, what exactly is the point of this?

Well, there really isn’t much of a point to this. And there really shouldn’t be. I’m not going out of my way to make a dedicated blog to… something. And while I feel I might be missing out on gaining a larger audience because I’m not dedicating specifically to one subject. I can’t actually dedicate myself to one subject (my abandoned Animation Only Twitter speaks to this). It would be disingenuous to how my brain works.

Now, that doesn’t mean that I don’t have to be more.. Uhm… scheduled (I’m very afraid of this word, so you know), with my posting. I am currently drafting a schedule in an effort to get more regular content posted up on here (I know what you’re thinking, how much planning does an Ashley Tisdsle Fan Blog really require? Shut up!) and hope to stick to the schedule as much as possible. As possible as I can..

That isn’t to say there won’t be personal posts sprinkled throughout (though, not too personal, sorry stalkers!) as well as shared postings from the soon to be starting Solecisms, the online Literary Journal I’m working on (launching September 5th! Are you ready?!).

Side note, look for Solecisms content to be posted EVERYWHERE, Twitter, Tumblr, Here, Facebook, Google+ (sigh), and on and on, because, aside from finding awesome friends, the only thing I know how use the Internet for is whoring myself out. Wait.. that sounds bad when I say it like that. Shrug.


So, to wrap up, if you came here expecting me to go into extensive detail about my life as the world’s greatest (and most handsome) batsman, well, you’ve got some super exciting surprises coming your way!

And, for no particular reason, a picture of my cat:



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