My overlong response to an accusation of abandoning my affections of Tangled for Brave:


Well, to be honest, my heart doesn’t lie specifically with Rapunzel, but with the Art of Animation itself. Specifically Traditional Hand Drawn Animation. Specifically Disney Animation.

Now, Pixar is a part of Disney itself, and yes, run by the same man, but Pixar Animation Studios is intrinsically different than Disney Animation Studios. In my opinion Pixar is story first, technology second, while DAS is character first, animation second. DAS, lets not forget, was created by the men who essentially invented character animation and these principles still drive the artistry forward 80+ years later.

That being said, I’m excited to see how Pixar handles Brave (originally called ‘The Bear and the Bow’ or ‘Merdia’ as it will be called in other countries), a “fairy tale.” Whereas next year’s DAS feature, Wreck-It-Ralph is more contemporary. Almost like a swap in sensibilities? I’m excited to see how it shakes out.

But honestly, I’m much more excited for next month’s Winnie The Pooh, the first true traditionally animation character showcase film since 2005. Princess and the Frog, traditionally animated, yes, was designed to be in the Classical style of the earliest Disney Features, so the animation wasn’t as “fun” (except for Eric Goldberg’s Louis the Alligator), and while Rapunzel did employ traditional animation techniques and fluidity, the best traditional animation sensibilities in a computer animated feature, ever, it still was not traditional animated.

Winnie The Pooh with all those marvelous characters presents a wonderful showcase of CHARACTER ANIMATION. I can’t wait.


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