Not here.

I wrote a blog. I worked on it. I took notes. I researched it. The post is, was, fairly time specific, it needed to be posted by today.

This is not that post.

I certainly have it, I didn’t lose it or anything like that. It really just needs some revising, rewording, reworking and reordering before it’s ready to be posted.

At this point, it’s very unlikely to be posted.

There’s a lot of reasons for that, none of which are good reasons, none of which are great. There’s just some reasons. It wasn’t what I wanted it to be and I didn’t have the time, or make the time, to make it what it needed to be.

Frankly, I let an overwhelming sense of everything take over my head and there was no room for anything else.

But mostly, I just felt like… Like, I didn’t feel like doing it. Like it wasn’t important enough, wasn’t worth it. Despite the fact that, it is something very important to me. Very very very Kevin Peterson, so to speak.

So, this is why we have this. This is my exercise to get everything out, I suppose.

Odd that I don’t feel the need to post a superlative post but I will put up rambling personal chaotic thoughts.

I’ve come to rely far too heavily on ‘so,’ ‘also,’ and ‘anyway’ in writing lately. And conversations. I’ll leave a few in the body of this text for effect.

There’s always the chance that my original post will show up in some form or another. There’s good information there, I suppose. At the very least good information to me.

It needs reconfiguration and reconstruction (all these different ‘re’ words are tough to come up with by the way) to work as an “after” piece. I always intended book-ending before and after posts, but it doesn’t always work that way.

An “after” piece works better in a more grander, more symbolic way, anyway.


2 thoughts on “Not here.

  1. ugh…. I understand all too well… I’ve gotten out of the habit of writing regularly… so now i just don’t – I want to I have great ideas in my head that will get lost if I don’t get them out… but I just don’t… perhaps it will pass perhaps it will fade – who knows…


  2. So, what you’re saying is, the remaining remainder of rework is regarded as required message resuscitation? I see that. Also, Tangled was awesome to watch this morning.


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