2 Years Ago Today…

So, I recently joined a service where I receive a daily (although, not always) email telling me exactly what I was doing one year ago.  The service, based on my Four Square Check-ins is cleverly named Four Square and Seven Years Ago.

However, two years ago, was a world without Four Square. I need to use my regular memory to see what happened more than a year ago.

Two years ago today I was fairly irresponsible.

It all started with plans to see Up.

After being yelled at repeatedly for not inviting her to any Disney movies during the time of our friendship (which, to be fair, was like 2, and also, to be fair, inviting her was definitely NOT acceptable, under the terms of my previous life’s agreement), I finally arranged to work out seeing Up, with…. well, someone who will remain unnamed. I was finally allowed to make plans such as these, due to the unforeseen (well, actually QUITE foreseen) events of the previous week.

Said unnamed person was the first person to hold the title of best friend on Facebook, also my last new favorite Casa Bonita person (I fully admit to being a very favoritism based manager during my Casa Bonita tenure, and I still hold my favorites in VERRY high regard.. the ones who still talk to me.. and even the ones who don’t), {Oxford comma} and my self-hired (as well as self-fired, later) and appointed proofreader/spell checker. Said person (through no fault of her own) also had a very large and dark and uncomfortable connection to something fairly terrible that happened to me.

Anyway, said plans where immediately cancelled when the revelation came that it was actually the 21st birthday of one of my former Casa-Kids. This plan, was obviously much more important. And we would still get to hang out. What followed instead was an evening of seeing old friends and co-workers, many for the first time IN MONTHS, due to not really being able to see them, and also due to an earlier disastrous attempt at trying to hang out with them (a story for another day), because of the insecurities (and perhaps lack of self-control) of someone.

Now, sometimes when I’m around a group of my former co-workers, it comes to the  point where there’s always too much.. alcohol. And, sometimes, and for the record, NEVER BY ME ASKING OR SUGGESTING, I never really need to buy alcohol. Now, this was a birthday for someone else, remember, and my intention was to buy HIM a drink. However, by the point I arrived, said friend was already.. gone… to the point where he didn’t even know I came (despite the pictures with me in them…), and gone to the point where.. it probably wasn’t a good idea for me to buy him anymore.

It’s important to remember that at this point I was extremely.. vulnerable, and .. obviously not in my right mind, due to, again, the events of the week before, and like I said, people kept giving me alcohol.. to the point where I ended up at a random bar, with 3 people I liked and 4 (or more?) that I really DO NOT. How random was this said bar? So random that I COULD’T FIND it again, until invited recently by a friend of mine a couple of months ago (another story for another day). I also have no idea how I got home that night, but I did.

I really believe that night the most irresponsible I’ve ever been, and am extremely ashamed and disappointed in myself, and still feel incredibly guilty for allowing myself to be irresponsible. Heartbreak (and ache) aside, I was completely out of line.

Anyway, I never ended up seeing Up, with that particular friend. Or any Disney movie for that matter (I’ve sent out the invites). A few months later, I seemed to lose all contact with her, for reasons I still don’t really know or understand.

I actually saw Up the next night (I found the movie ticked tonight, I keep them, which started this chain of rambling memories), ironically, with the source of my troubles, who felt bad and wanted to do something nice for me. She didn’t really understand why everyone thought it was so sad.

I really like Up. It might be the second or third best Pixar movie, after Ratatouille (duh, no I’m serious). I’ve never watched Up again, I own it, I bought it. I’ve never watched it again.


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