Here we go again..

Hello. It’s.. well, it’s been a while. A while between any kind of… actual writing.


That first sentence seems.. awkward. All those “it’s” and “been?” bleh.

So, the name of the game is change. I have a lot of ideas and things that I want to do. Scratch that, except, not with the literal scratch out (I don’t like that!), what I mean is, things I NEED to do.  There are many things I need to do. I’m getting to a point where I’m being overcome and overwhelmed by life and everything I need to, and want to, do.

When I get into this kind of, head space, so to speak, I tend to, instead of actually handling the problems at hand, focus on something else. Lately that something else, is trails, hikes, stuff like that. Which, I NEED. I need to go out and clear my head. I need to get away, and I need to remain active.

The benefits of my outdoor activities are apparent. I feel better as well as, more, cosmetic changes, that aren’t completely apparent to most, *I* notice them, which is plenty good enough for me. And, like I said, It helps me feel better. And I do feel better, that is, as long as I don’t think about all those things that I’m trying not to think about.

Sometimes, it does help if I chuck my pre-prepared plans of isolation and go off on a random tangent with strangers (not completely, Twitter seems to take care of me pretty well), even if it falls completely out of my normal realm of comfortability…(like, I’m even aware of what that even means anymore).

I do need to get back to other things. I NEED to get back to writing more. I need to work on my, “Creative-Fiction.” I know I’m plenty good at my “Creative Non-Fiction,” but that’s easy for me (not really, no) because I know how my voice sounds, I know the types of things I’d say and so on.

I need to get back to animation. I got my codes (what does that even mean?) and unlocked my home version of FlipBook, so… I really need to start doing something about that… I really would like to buy a Cintiq… (it’s only $2000!) I’m sure that would give me incentive..

I also.. It’s too late now, need to get practiced on my screenwriting. I missed the Final Draft amateur screen writing contest. To be fair, I found out about it last week, and it was due.. Today. On the same note, I can’t wait to try out Final Draft on iPad.

These, of course, are the CREATIVE activities I need to accomplish.. I haven’t even gotten to the PERSONAL (it would be nice to have a job that I didn’t feel was beneath me…) activities I need to accomplish, many of which need accomplishing before I allow myself to relax and work on the creative ones…

One of the first steps, perhaps, would be getting regular and regulated sleep.

Too late for today, I suppose.


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