I need this book!

Don Hahn's Brainstorm

Written by my friend and Disney Producer Don Hahn, (he’s my friend because he patiently listened while I talked about Disney for 20 minutes! To him! Some of my friends can’t even do that!), Brainstorm (AMAZON), next in a series of books for me to read and pump up my creative mind. This one however, seems designed specifically to appeal to me and my sensibilities.

Hahn during his 30+ years at Disney worked on films such as Beauty & The Beast, Lion King, Hunchback, Fantasia/2000, Atlantis and the aborted Fantasia/2006. Don was also the interim head of Disney Animation Studios (then Walt Disney Feature Animation) before John Lasseter and crew came in.

Since then he’s produced the documentaries, Earth, Oceans, and African Cats. Currently, he’s working with Tim Burton on “Frankenweenie.” Although, IMDB says he’s working with director Kevin Lima (A Goofy Movie, Tarzan, Enchanted) and screenwriter Linda Woolverton (Beauty & The Beast, Burton’s Alice, Lion King) on The Snow Queen. (which, last I heard, was cancelled, because boys don’t like Fairy Tales.. hmm..)

He also directed the documentaries Waking Sleeping Beauty (about the rebirth of Disney Animation), at last year’s Boulder Film Festival, which is also where I met him (and animator Ellen Woodbury!)

Seriously, highlight of my life.

and the upcoming Hand Held (www.handheldthemovie.com), about Photographer Mike Carroll and his journey through post Communism Romania and it’s Child Aids epidemic, which looks heartbreakingly fantastic.

This isn’t even Don’s first book like this, his first, came out in the early 90’s!

He’s also the author of numerous Making of Disney Books, such as Disney’s Animation Magic (of which I own a very dog-eared copy of the 1996 Hunchback Edition, not this version), as well as The Alchemy of Animation (which I kinda want), and was the editor of the Drawn To Life Sessions Vol 1. & Vol. 2. , which I don’t just want, I NEED.

For the record, Don is also the guy who SHOULD be running Disney Animation Studios (no offense John, but you’re a little busy!) and overall, he’s a really nice guy! Like I said, he let me gush about how much I love this stuff. To his face. And listened to me. Anyone who listens to me talk about Disney wins me over, anyone WHO MAKES DISNEY and still listens to me? Yes. I will buy your book, sir.
Anyway, I’m excited to read this. I truly admire and look up to Mister Hahn.

One thought on “I need this book!

  1. As someone who appreciates Disney and the creative minds behind it, I was looking forward to this book. As someone who read the Amazon.com description, I feel like I need this book. Either great salesmanship in a description, or it should work out great.

    Either way, exciting that there are so many artists reaching out to other artists in this way. It’s encouraging, and hopefully brain fueling.


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