why do you think you’re so internet famous? you are irritating. and yes, I assume you’ll answer with something witty…

I generally don’t like answering anonymous questions but since I’m fairly certain I know who asked this, I’ll give it a go.

Being famous on the internet is like winning an asylum popularity contest, sure you’re popular, but you’re still locked in a building with crazy people. That’s the best analogy I can come up with.

But for real? I don’t think I’m ‘internet famous’ at all.

A large part of it comes from the fact that I, know a lot of people. And from there, It comes from the fact that I’m, well, frankly I’m a pretty likable person, and I’m a generally nice person and that probably comes across. I’m also really honest about what I like, and am not afraid to hide what some people might find weird, or off putting. And I think I display it with a sense of humor.

And, to contrast with my real life self, who won’t 100 % open up until I’m comfortable in my situation and surroundings, on the internet, I don’t have to worry about that initial ease in, so I’m a purer version of myself.

At the same time, I think my quirkiness, as well as my easily distracted personality is just as off putting to people in real life and online.

And, for the most part the people who I do find my self connected with, who, I didn’t already know before hand, are people who are similar to me, or think the same way I do somewhat.

I love the pocket group of people I’ve connected with, and especially the handful or so I’ve managed to trick into becoming my friend, "for real," some who are now among my closest friends (I still have a list of people I’d love to know in real life, and I hope to cut that list down by the end of summer…)

But at the same time, after learning just how connected everything is, I can’t help but wonder If I would’ve eventually made friends with these same people eventually through other non-internet means. If the Internet just sped the process up.

I also think, most people would disagree with irritating.

I think "me" boils down to:

1. People who get me, one hundred percent, for what ever reason. (a small percentage)
2. People who don’t really get me, but they at least understand me and they get why people get me. And they see that I’m a generally nice guy, and harmless. (the largest percentage)
3. People who don’t get me and it upsets them that people do get me, and they can’t figure why. (a small percentage)

I guess there’s also the small percentage of people who think I’m a Cricket Player. But really, I oversell those numbers, because I’m playing into the joke. Especially lately, that boils down to like, one or two people per month.

I’ve had people tell me that it’s exciting that there’s a guy who likes Disney Animation, so, that could factor into it.

People who don’t know me in real life (and I suppose those who do, as well), why DO you like me??

Ask me anything


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