“make a list of things to do, then do them”

8 Views yesterday? That’s not bad.

no, it’s pretty horrible.

The problem with what we have here, is that, no, I probably won’t post my list of things to do.

I know, I’m cheating. I tricked you into entering.

Given the choice between two uncomfortable choices, I’ll most likely make the third choice, going on my own and not dealing with the two choices.

Clearly I have indecision issues. This shouldn’t be that big of a surprise.

This had turned into a series of short random thoughts.

Alright, fine, a list of some sort. Things I’d need to do before 30:

organize my life, my creative space, my mind, other things
find a new job
arrange an amazing 30th birthday for me.
figure it out, or at least a semblance of what it is, or what it could be
teach my cat latin
teach the other cat to not be so bossy
figure out how to eat regular meals
not hide from things I don’t want to do
learn how to say no
learn to say yes more

This list is boring. And not 100% accurate with the time of lists I need to be writing. I’ll work on it.

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