So, here’s the thing,

Yesterday, do to some urging, I started writing an honest to goodness, heavily researched Disney Blog entry, but, about half way through it, I got busy (I was writing it at work), and couldn’t get back to it.. And, now, I have no desire to do it.

It was originally conceived, and drafted up, in one of those “OH MY GOD I NEED TO WRITE, LIKE, RIGHT NOW,” moments, where, you gotta write, and you can’t stop for anything because once you do…

You can’t go back to it. The energy isn’t the same. The mood isn’t the same. The writing isn’t the same.


But Kevin, you say, how can you write this?

Well, this is, personal rantings and ramblings, this isn’t constructed researched, sentencing and structuring, this is just steam of consciousness stuff.

In actuality, this is a hopeful exercise attempt to open my mind up to being able to handle the types of creative writing I actually wish to do, but currently unable to…

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