The Most Amazing Non-English Disney site in the World

The amazing Disney Story Artist Claire Keane

Not only is this fantastic site a treasure trove of early art and story sketches and interviews and everything, for all 51 Disney films, and all 12 Pixar films, it also includes information and sketches on aborted and cancelled Disney films, like ‘Snow Queen’ and ‘Newt’ and ‘My Peoples.’ It’s like being hired to work in the Disney Archive Library (which is, of course, my dream job).

The only problem? The site, is, well, not in English. I can overlook some weird things, like including ‘Song of the South,’ ‘Mary Poppins,’ and ‘Pete’s Dragon’ (But no Bedknobs?) in the “official” category, but not being able to read all of this delicious information crushes my soul…


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