Warning: Animation Rant:

Pixar moving Monsters Inc. 2 University is good news for Walt Disney Animation Studios because Joe Jump, or Reboot Ralph, or whatever the hell it’s called now, will move to take it’s place, meaning only about a year and a half between features instead of the planned 2 years.

The bad news is that production on Winnie-The-Pooh ended months ago.. (Pooh comes out in Europe on FRIDAY!), and animation won’t start until SEPTEMBER at the earliest, meaning non staff animators (and some staff!) will remain laid off for months and any remaining staff animators really don’t have much to do out side of Prep and Landing 2 (for 3D) and not much at all for 2D only guys..

Add that to the rumors of DreamWorks wooing Glen Keane. And the fact that THIS is the first film they’ve announced as in production, and they haven’t even announced it, really…

It gives me stress.


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