Rocky & Bullwinkle!

So, they finally released the 5th and final season of Rocky & Bullwinkle. At this point in the series, the animation is actually moving, nothing compared to what Disney or The Looney Tunes guys were doing, but it was leaps and bounds ahead of what it was. But what really really sets it apart was the writing. Similar to the Warner Bros animated series’ from the mid to late 90’s, the writing was miles ahead of other children’s shows from the same time period. Jokes about network censors, as well as mildly risqué (for the time) jokes.

But where the show really shines is in the Dudley Do-Right segments, which have the best writing, the best animation, the best jokes and, thanks to Hans Conried (also known as Captain Hook in Disney’s Peter Pan – which is a tour-de-force vocal performance!) the best voices.

That being said, the Rocky & Bullwinkle DVDs are among the worse TV Series DVDs, period. Episodes are edited, segments missing, horrible packaging (every single season has a different worse design) and it took 5 years between seasons 3 and 4, and then another year before 5. Title sequences are missing, in fact, every episode has the incorrect credit sequences. For one thing the show was never really called “Rocky & Bullwinkle,” it was called “Rocky and Friends” for the first 3 seasons, and then “The Bullwinkle Show” for the last two. Special features are a joke (where’s the newer cartoons? or the Taco Bell commercials from the 90’s? Or even apologies for the Boris & Natasha and Rocky & Bullwinkle movies?!) or even interviews with the people who love the series, like Walt Disney (who was known to watch the series every day with his kids), or Matt Groening (who used it as a DIRECT inspiration for The Simpsons), or Robert DeNiro (who above all else should be held responsible for R&B: The Movie being a chaotic mess).

Most of the problems stem from a rights issues for the series, the series ran on 2 networks ABC then NBC, Jay Ward Productions has had serious financial difficulties, the rights to R&B have bounced around from Nickelodeon to Disney to Universal back to whoever has them now, and not to mention the ACTUAL creator Alex Anderson (who passed away late last year) getting creative credit again after his former Partner Jay Ward screwing him over in the 1950’s…

So at the end of the day, we’re stuck with a terrible not as complete as the COMPLETE SERIES label says on the box, or we’re forced to re-buy an eventual complete series somewhere down the line.


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