Dwayne McDuffie

The worst part? Now they’re probably going to release Static Shock DVD’s.

Static, currently, the only series in the expanded Bruce Timm/Paul Dini universe of shows to not have the series collected on DVD. (hell, even The Zeta Project!?)

Static was for most of it’s run, the Number One rated show on Cartoon Network.

Static, for all of his popularity, NEVER got an action figure, UNTIL NOW.

I remember, back when I worked for Mile High Comics, explaining to a mother why there were no Static figures, “Even Static’s creator doesn’t understand it,” and me seriously thinking she thought I was lying to her..

I was never a reader of McDuffie comics, I knew of him certainly, I knew my favorite writer, Christopher Priest, always spoke VERY highly of him. I was certainly aware of Milestone and the characters. Static was clearly, my favorite, but by the time I had seriously started collecting the Milestone books had been long cancelled.

I’d pick up books by him, every now and then, mostly if he was the fill-in or something, I have a couple of Impluse issues, I think, and others I can’t recall at this time. All of this was of course, my loss, because he was an amazing writer.

I didn’t become a FAN of his until Justice League Unlimited. After serving as story editor, for the series, DC offered him the The Justice League comic, which seemed like a perfect fit, except he wasn’t allowed to use most of the characters due to crossovers, corporate rulings, and so on, a fact he hilariously covered on his blog (which eventually got him fired for giving away too much behind the scenes!).

At the same time he was also across the street at Marvel writing Fantastic Four, which to my knowledge is the only time in recent memory where a BIG name writer was writing a top book for both companies.  his FF run was stuck repairing the previous writers damage, while setting up the next writer to take over, while Ironically again, not allowed to use the “actual” team. I enjoyed the heck out of those issues, beautifully drawn by the underrated Paul Pelletier.

Most recently, he served as story-editor, for Ben-10 and had written the Justice League Crisis on Earth 2 film.

Released today was All-Star Superman, the animated adaptation of the greatest Superman story. Ever. I was initially hesitant about watching, or even buying All-Star because the comic is THAT good, but it was McDuffie’s name that sold me. I knew it was going to be solid.

Last night, I talked myself into ordering it. Last Night.

I had been reading so many articles about All Star over the past few weeks, that when I initially saw the article of his passing, I skipped over it, assuming it was an interview and I’d read it after class and closed my MacBook. Seconds later I said, “Wait, what did that say?!” and re-opened my computer and felt my heart sink.

My condolences go out to his wife and children and family.

His legacy lives on, along with All-Star Superman, DC recently has (or is?) relaunching one of his Milestone books, Xombi, and in May, Static will be getting a much deserved new comic series, a book I was already planning on getting, but will now, make sure to definitely pick up.



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