Tangled has ALMOST reached 450 Million Worldwide (4 million away) but sits 11 Million away from hitting $200 Million US.

That’s pretty impressive for a film that everybody (including some Disney Folks!) brushed off as the next big FLOP from the crew at The Hat Building.

Anyone who’s had ANY conversation with me over the past…10 years…(…?) would be able to tell you that I was VERY VERY excited about this film for a very very long time.

And as someone who has spent most of his life enjoying Animation, and the last 18 years obsessing and learning everything I could possibly know about Disney Animation & The Art of Disney Animation, I couldn’t be happier for the success of this film. And what it means for the future of the company and of the medium.

Animation (any or all) is a unique art form, a language, if you will, and the people who should be at the forefront, leading the way, should be the guys who invented it. As amazing as the stuff the guys at Pixar (which is technically Disney 2.0) or DreamWorks (Disney 1.5.1) or BlueSky or The Despicable Me guys, they’re not Disney Animation. Disney Animation has a specific feel, language, character, a fluidity that the other studios don’t have and shouldn’t have.

Tangled is dripping with Disney.

I’m not really sure what point I was making here, but I’m pretty happy with it.

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