Free Write.

Currently I’m in the midst of two projects, well more like 582, if you count all the half-formed and half-started stories, notes, scribbles, mental ideas, sticky notes, etc. I’ve been meaning to “get around to” for the bast 28 years.


But for actual projects, that have actual assigned due dates, due dates beyond the ambiguous “eventually,” I have two.

Of these projects I’ve figured out exactly what I’m doing with zero of them.

So, why am I doing this then, why write this, this seemingly meaningless nonsense babble.


What I’m hoping for with this free writing exercise, is to open up my mind, and help come up with new ideas or some such.

So, If you’re reading this (you clearly have some kind of self punishment issues), you’re being used in a mental exercise.

I’m also open to suggestions.


ANY suggestions. anything. ANY topics.



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