My Patronus.

I’ve given this a lot of thought, too much thought. My patronus would likely fall into 5 catagories:

1. A cat. But not a cool or heroic cat like a lion, or a panther or even a Thomas O’Mally Cat. It would be like Apollo. Just standing there lazily in the way.

2. A dog. But not a loyal defender dog. It would probably be Snoopy. Who wouldn’t even be ‘World War One Flying Ace’ or even “It was a dark and stormy night…” Snoopy. It would be dancing Snoopy. And he would just dance, uselessly.

3. An obscure, outdated, unfunny comedian, like Fatty Arbuckle.

4. A Pokemon. But a ridiculously stupid looking one like, Ludicolo. And to make matters worse, it’d probably be overpowered so it wouldn’t listen to me.

5. A Narwhal.


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