“Aha!” she screamed at me, and suddenly I was awake. Startled. My heart was beating fast enough to explode out of me.

“…what…?” the words escape out of my mouth at a noise that is barely audible above a whisper.  My vision had not yet fully focused. Everything was a mix of colours and blurring.

“YOU!” she said in a voice described somewhere between screaming AND yelling.

“TOLD! ME!” She put emphasis on each word, spacing them apart so there was enough time for her to shove me. Two-handed. With each word.

“THAT (Whump!) YOU (Whack!) WOULDN’T (Thump!) FALL (Wham!) ASLEEP!”

“Ok!” At this point I was awake, or at the very least more awake then before. I needed to brainstorm. What could I say? I could say, ‘I didn’t fall asleep, that I was just resting, or that..’ No.  That was dumb, obviously, I was asleep, I mean.. wait. She’s staring at me. Her brow is all furrowed. Even more so than before.  All of that aggressive shaking had caused some of her hair to fall down to her face, in just the right way. She, even in all of her anger, looks, so beautiful and… OH GOD, I haven’t said anything in like…


Her hands moved into the air.


I saw them, moving. Close to striking.

“I was…”

I grabbed them, before they made their way back to the intended target.

“I was going to say, you look beautiful, even angry,” pulling her closer to me as I said so. She pulled me back out of the chair, closer to her. She kissed me. Long. Forcefully. Passionate. Stopping, she looked at me, fiercely, right in the eyes.

“Yes, but you WERE, thinking of ways to convince me before, weren’t you?”

I let out a small smile. She looked at me, returning my smile. Before I realized what was happening it was too late and I hit the floor with a dull thud.

“Can’t we go back to you kissing me instead of hitting me?”

“Maybe. But not now.” She had moved over to the mirror, and was fixing the fallen strands of hair. “We were already running late and you are supposed to be ready.”

“We are not going to be late. We have plenty of time”

“Oh really, are you ready?”

“Well, I started.”

“Did you?”

“Yeah.. I sat down on the chair to take my shoes off and then I fell..” I trailed off, and looked down, I was wearing one shoe, the other was sitting aside the chair.


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