It’s not very good, it needs a lot of work, the dialog is spotty. It might not be complete garbage, but, well, here it is:

The light was shining over the hill. I couldn’t make out where it was coming from where I was standing. No. I wasn’t standing. I was on the ground. The grass was wet beneath me. The grass. How did I get on…

“Hello! Hello? Sir?”
“Oh my god! It’s really a person?”

The voices came before I could make out the shapes.

“Sir! Are you ok?” There was a tall man. He was running down the sloping hill toward me.

“He’s bleeding!” The second voice was a woman’s. She was trailing behind the tall man.

I realized the lights over the hill were headlights. Probably from the car belonging to the couple. I tried to stand. The tall man reached over to me in time, steadying me.

“Oof, you’re heavier than you look, man. Hey Donna give me a hand with him.” I noticed they were both dressed slightly dressier. On their way out? Or back..?

“Sure I, wulf, you weren’t kidding.” the two of them helped walk me up the hill. The headlights did belong to a car. I noticed that the car had a slight dent on the front hood. The way the car was facing didn’t seem right. As if the car had spun or suddenly stopped on the grass off of the road. I tried to concentrate on the tracks the tires has made in the mud, tried to see if. Tried to. See. And. The. The black…

“…like he was made out of solid muscle or something!”

The voices woke me back up. It was dark.

“Well, did you see the dent he made in the car?”

Moving. I was in the back seat of the car.

“You didn’t see him standing on the road?”

I reached up to my head. Blood.

“He wasn’t standing on the road.”

I decided to keep lying down.

“He had to be standing on the road! It doesn’t make sense any other way!”

Wait. What?

“You’re right, it doesn’t make any sense, but it seems almost like he was thrown at us.”


“Thrown from where?” her voice was breaking slightly. She was frightened.

“I don’t know..” his voice was trying to be calm, but it was shaky, obviously he was scared too. “Do you see how he’s dressed? Like James Bond or something.”

I looked down. I was wearing a tie.


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