Missing updates

I haven’t been updating as much lately.

Well, I’ve managed to do one of these a day, which has been my unofficial official goal..

I mean my other updating.

The constant updating.

The odd references.

The stuff nobody understands.

I don’t think I’ve run out of things to say, I could certainly think of more insane things. I just don’t feel like going through the process to come up with them. I don’t know if I’m getting my overposting out out of my system by writing these, or if I just don’t feel like doing it anymore.

Or I’m just too busy.

This problem requires further investigation.

One thought on “Missing updates

  1. I’m watching a show called (Frontline) Digital Nation from PBS. They say that the internet is now considered a global health crisis. I can see how people can become obese, obsessed and generally tuning out from the outside world. I can also see how multitasking can take away from attention spans.
    On the other hand the internet is a tool for learning, communication and fun. I’m going to school in the fall for computer networking. From there I am interested in independent study on the psychology, learning and the practical applications of the internet.
    Right now I’m researching and evaluating how much time I am on the internet, the quality of my relationships, and the amount of exercise I get.
    If you get a chance check out my notes on Facebook. I have recipes, calculators, and journal-song writing ideas.

    Best Regards,


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