This was not my intended topic. I intended to put up a short story, or at least the opening of a short story. Or the opening of a longer story. Or something. I don’t know. It not ready yet. So, instead stuff that is too long for Twitter but generally not that important:

Richard Sherman put out a classical music album! Forgotten Dreams: (Amazon also available on iTunes.)

Richard Sherman. Richard Sherman as in The Sherman Brothers. As in wrote the music for Mary Poppins and Winnie The Pooh and The Jungle Book and It’s A Small World and most recently ‘The Stark Expo’ song from Iron Man 2! I’m very excited!

Now, on to more immaterial unimportant nonsense:

The one type of book that cannot properly translate to iPad, is the oversized art book. It just doesn’t work, it’s not the same as feeling a big heavy book of drawings and sketches. That being said I want to buy, The Disney Archive Series Book 2: Animation. Book 3: Design, comes out in November. However, I just ordered a Disney Art Book last week. And there’s the 20th Anniversary Making Of Beauty and the Beast Art Book coming in a couple weeks. AND The Disney Animator’s Sketchbook is (finally!) scheduled for the end of August. I ordered that book 2 years ago! Not to mention the 3 (three!) anthology comics produced in house at Disney (I didn’t even know they existed until just recently!) that I need to figure out how to purchase!


No, that’s enough. Ok. I guess I’m saying I really like Disney Art books. (duh)

Also, I’ve had a lot of coffee today.

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