Stick Around If You Enjoy Disaster

So. Here we are again.

The difference between yesterday and today is that today we have a blank page and I have to start all over again.


That’s not different at all. that’s how yesterday started too.

That’s how it always starts.

The greatest idea in the world! It’s brilliant! Quick! Quick! Write it down before you…

[The Blank Page]

Well. Maybe. It could..


stop intimidating me!

Once I’m passed that point we get into the next few stages of aggravation:

The false start.

The, no, maybe it would work better if I just moved this word here or here.

The delete key or the angrily scratching out and ripping the page out and throwing it at the cat.

Staring blankly into space.

Then at a point it happens. It comes out. Sometimes I’m not even aware it’s happening. The words flow. The long Tetris piece falls from the sky and suddenly the blockage is cleared. It makes sense.

Then the distractions:

The cat decides now is the time to sit on the keyboard.

The library is closing, it is 12 after all and I’ve been sitting there for 5 hours.

The phone call.

The annoying phone call.

The Low Battery. Are you kidding me? Really MacBook? 4 Hours my ass!

The distractingly cute girl. Why is she dressed like that? Why is she coming over here! Wow! Green eyes! Where’s my sketchbook…

Invariably we’ve come to my biggest distraction (No, not cleavage!), Drawing. Suddenly (again suddenly Kev?), focus becomes a problem. There’s a pencil in my hand. Or a pen. Or a stylus. Or whatever is closest. Yes, it’s most likely a drawing of a girl or maybe it’s not. Maybe I don’t know what it is. Not yet anyway.

Finally I get back to writing. It’s finished. Do I proofread it? Yeah, it’s me, I need to. But I can’t simply proofread. I can’t see the comma splices or the spelling errors. I can only see that there’s a problem with the flow. This sentence is first but would work better last. The opening topic is a much stronger ENDING topic. Isn’t that going to cause the entire thing to be rewritten? Probably. Sigh…

Now do I let someone else read it? No! They’re going to hate it because I’m terrible! Or more likely they’re going to say something like:

“Hey, Kev, where are you going with this?” or “Uhm are you missing some words in this sentence?”

Well it made sense in my head! (Honestly, I’m not sure how THAT’S possible!)

So, there you go. A horrifying insight into my brain’s writing process.

I initially intended to write this about my perchance for overusing music lyrics (mostly by the incomparable Steven Page), such as the title of this post which might invariably make it to the title of everything. For now.

I think I’m going to switch to a WordPress blog, it has a better iPhone interface.


One thought on “Stick Around If You Enjoy Disaster

  1. A very disjointed moment. I have those moments and it's usually me just ruminating over thoughts, or lyrics or feelings or whatever. It's amazing to look back and see the passion and extreme feelings that go with moments like these. [the "Men Anonymous" pledge, or the Man's Prayer]All: I'm a man, but I can change, if I have to, I guess.


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