Hey Kev, just write something.

So, here we are again. Hi, how are you, it’s been awhile.

This is not exactly the way I’d like to use this, however this is the way I will have to use this.

I’m not exactly fond of writing stories like, “here’s what happened to me in the cereal isle: savings.” So many people are better at that stuff than me.

What I have found myself doing is creating lists of things. “Top Things That I Think Are Awesome And Here’s Why” and so on. In fact, I have several “lists” already written up and ready to go. There’s some pretty funny bits, too. The problem I’m finding with the list formula is that well, it’s incredibly formulaic and, well, lazy. That doesn’t mean that there wont be lists, it’s just if the only thing I can think of writing is 12 different types of lists, I’m in trouble.

No, if I’m going to do this and make it interesting for me, I need to keep it, well, interesting. How..? I don’t know. I’m working that out.

I’d love to transfer some ideas or things over from my notebooks. I run into problems here. The stuff in my notebooks is usually written very quickly with little regard to spelling or grammar (isn’t that always the case, Kev? Haha. yes….).

The problem I have is maintaining the innocence of the stories. Not compromising the simple charm by endlessly re-writing. In the notebook they exist as something. I worry about the translation. I worry that I won’t be able to do it without destroying them.

I have a bad habit of spending so much time on everything I write – no really, everything – Twitter, emails, texts, stories, etc. I spend far too much time trying to make the flow work, the words work, the joke work, everything work, that I’ll sometimes psych myself out and give up all together.

I’ll get to the point where I don’t think the whatever it is isn’t any good because I’M not very good. Then it goes back in the box for retooling. There it either gets forgotten or it stays in the back of my head trying to dynamite it’s way out back.

So, what exactly am I saying by this? I don’t know exactly. I’m not making any promises, except that I am trying.

Trying to do what…?

One thought on “Hey Kev, just write something.

  1. I hear what your saying, re-writing can make you start to hate an idea or work that you previously loved. One thing that has started to work well for me is to do things very far in advance. Throw it up on your computer, fix the spellings and wording and whatnot, then save it and come back to it another day. I think a lot of stuff needs to be put to rest for a bit for you as an author (or any kind of creator) to keep a liking to it. Don't try to fix it all in one go, make several passes, read it aloud and fix it till it sounds right, then save it, don't publish it and check it again in a day or two. I think perspective is more important than people think.


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