Princess And The Frog Checklist:

Things I wanted to see:

Disney? Yes.
2-D? Yes.
Andreas Deja Animation? Yes, and it was frightening but fantastic.

Eric Goldberg Animation? Yes and it WAS awesome.

Glen Keane Animation? No.
Mark Henn Animation? Yes.
Keith David Voice? Oh yes.
Singing? Oh hell yes!
Jim Cummings Voice? Yes!
Was it an offensive stereotype? Not really.

Sweet Freaking End Credits? Yes.
Animated Short? No.
Rapunzel Trailer? No.
Beauty and the Beast 3-D Trailer? No.

Disney In-Jokes? I saw one for Hercules and one for Mermaid (both Ron & John films) nothing for Aladdin, Treasure Planet or Mouse Detective.

Surprisingly Awesome Looking Preview for a DreamWorks film? How to Train Your Dragon looks awesome. It must be a trick.

Things I didn’t want:

Overpaid celebrity voices? No
Smash Mouth Montage? No
More then one sequel in the works? No


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